Do not outsource your design system to externals, its existence is embedded in your DNA

Budgeting a project to run for the whole lifetime of a business is simply not possible. Consequently, for a company, having externals developing your design system doesn’t make any sense. Not to mention putting all of your design knowledge in the hands of someone external to your organisation sounds like a very risky idea.

A company can instead hire an external DS (design system) specialist to structure its foundation. Another reason to hire an external specialist would be to be challenge and inspire how to scale the DS. But the project must be owned internally.

If you as a company…

Avoid pitfalls, move smart and ace your review.

Monday, 9.30am, starting today you’ll be working on a new task. It’s about designing a new module for a website of one of your clients. You don’t know much about it yet, except that the team will be you and your boss as a sparring partner.

How many times I found myself in this situation. Feeling curious, stressed, excited, eager to start. My experience normally helps me dealing with these feelings, there’s though one aspect that is totally out of my hands: handling the collaboration with my reviewer. I am aware this figure won’t be there to follow the entire…

Charlie Tango’s design team spent a few days in New York to attend the conference, here follows their report, enjoy!

After three days in the Big Apple, straight to the office on a Monday morning after an 8-hour direct flight from New York to Copenhagen. The excitement to write about this event is too much for me to just ignore and postpone to another day where my routine wouldn’t let me finish it. So, while I unpack my luggage, I’ll also take a look at all things learned over the past 3 days.

Our favourite “interactive” attraction at

Why go to

The conference host, Ueno, is a full-service agency specialising in digital products and branding for some of the biggest organisations in the world. The company was started…

The first piece of a FAQ series aiming to answer the most asked questions we hear often at Hello Group, when working with design systems.

In this article I will provide explanations and examples to clarify the relationship that Corporate Visual Identity (CVI) and Styleguides have, inside a design system. To do so, I will answer one by one the following questions:

How is a design system different from a CVI?

How is a design system different from a Styleguide?

We currently have a CVI, do we need to start from the scratch?

At Hello my team and I study and implement design systems for enterprises. We specialise in the field, researching trends and testing workflows, it is a journey that has been going for…

A guide for team leads and business folk

June 2017. The buzz these days seems to be all about a mystic new entity that’s hanging above our heads — design systems (DS). Apart from a small niche of experts pioneering the craft and reporting their findings on Medium, the look on the faces of the people around me when I talk about this topic doesn’t seem to suggest confidence.

My reference: I’m a product designer, who just completed a two years journey leading a team who created and scaled a design system for a company with 19k+ employees, across 8 countries and 3.5 million customers. I’m writing this…

How we got smart about controlling a rapidly growing Sketch library for one of our biggest clients.

Together with my team at Hello Group, we began the implementation of a design system for one of our clients in June 2016. Initially, the project focused on researching, collecting and formatting components into a Sketch library. But as the design system grew and the library expanded, things became complicated.

Some of the bumps we experienced were mostly due to the way we maintained and shared updates to the library. This is surely an issue that’s familiar to many who try to build a neat design system, especially if it’s used remotely by many other teams.

So, you’re probably thinking…

Few but essential tips that anyone could start using from tomorrow to guide a 30+ design team towards consistent sketch deliverables

We all love Sketch and its plugins, almost as much as we feel lazy in learning how to use it properly. We all use it in our own way, which is most of the times a mix of keynote, photoshop and illustrator. Now, using Sketch as it was keynote, photoshop or illustrator makes it totally useless, and so goes for its numerous plugins. Let’s go to the point.

In companies with large design teams I noticed it gets hard to scale and grow uniformly the way Sketch is used. …

Recently I took a vacation to Thailand where I had the chance to dedicate myself to some proper quality read time. The book I brought with me is the freshly published Sprint by Jake Knapp and his team at Google Ventures.

Those guys are quite famous to be able to master the art of quick decision making and rapid prototyping. As a product designer working in a digital consultancy firm, I face quite often frustrations and situations that I would like to deal in a more efficient/smart way. …

Alberto Vitullo

Creative Director @Isobar, UAL alumni

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